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King of Hearts Ranch simply came from my greatest loves. My mother who passed away from a cancerous brain tumor, the Love of my beautiful Puerto Rican Paso Fino horse named El King De Coqui, (KING) my love of the mountains and sparkling Pacific Ocean; Thus King of Hearts Cancer Retreat Ranch was born!

My Story

December 16th 1993 the absolute worst day of my entire life, the day that I lost my precious mother to a brain malignant tumor.  Exactly eighteen months from the oncologist diagnosis. I was left alone at eighteen years old an only child, no parents, no siblings, no direction; at an utter and complete loss…

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This foundation is dedicated to the life memory and spirit of my amazing mother Connie. I loved you yesterday, I love you still. I always have and I always will.
Forever your little man

My beautiful Paso Fino horse King is a loving, gentle, extremely smart horse that absolutely loves people. Many times I find King following me around and running beside me as we exercise at the stable. Almost a year ago King became severely ill and was diagnosed with kidney failure due to toxicity in medication he had been administered. In a span of one week King was diagnosed with colitis, colic, and laminitis....

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